Neck Diagrams 2 has landed!

Here's some of the top new features waiting for you..

Improved User Interface

We've given the user interface a fresh lick of paint! All icons have been redesigned - so everything is now crystal clear on ultra high resolution Retina, 4K or 5k screens.

The Inspector has been redesigned too, and is now docked to the right hand side of the editor window.

File Save Dialog

File Handling Rebuilt

You're now in control of where files are kept! We've completely rewritten file management to put you in charge.

Choose which folder(s) the Diagram Gallery dispays - whether that's on your local disk, network or DropBox, iCloud, Google Drive..! And it stays in sync with changes made outside of ND.

Multi Page Documents

Want to create documents that are more than just a single page? Now you can, just like PowerPoint or Keynote.

The Outline view shows thumbnails of all your pages, and you can zoom out the editor to see pages side-by-side.

Neck Diagrams can now play your fretboards!

Hear Your Diagrams

We've added the ability to play the notes on your fretboards! Just click the toolbar play buttons or fretboard right-click menu.

Play back all notes on a fretboard together as a chord, or choose to play the notes sequentially as an arpeggio or scale, with lots of options in Preferences.

Neck Diagrams 2 supports full rich text editing

Rich Text Editing

Full rich text editing comes to ND!

Text boxes and fretboard text now supports mixed font styles. Plus there's more control over defaults in Preferences.

There's even macros for quickly entering musical symbols!

Export with transparency 300dpi

Export Enhanced

EPS, SVG & TIFF now supported.

Lots of advanced features have been added to our new Publisher edition:

  • export selected object(s)
  • transparent backgrounds for PNGs
  • control over target size - e.g. 300dpi for print purposes
  • watermark your exports

Can you handle more? We've got you covered!

Fretboard editing

Fretboard Power Ups

  • per-interval colour schemes
  • copy/paste & clone notes across fretboards
  • note markers anywhere - no more restrictions or special open string markers
  • user control over note and font size
  • realistic fretboard woods
  • fretboards can now have footer text too
  • full fret numbering customisation
Capos and Shapes

New Tools

  • we've added a new CAPO / barre tool!
  • new line tool with optional arrow endpoints
  • shape objects
  • control over object Z-order
Notes and Intervals

Theoretically Speaking..

  • proper compound interval support now that our tunings have octave data!
  • Solf├Ęge Romance & Chromatic note naming schemes
  • Latin interval naming scheme, e.g. 2M, 3m, 5-  

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What OS'es will ND2 run on?

Both Windows and MacOS are supported:  

  • Windows 7 and above, either 32bit or 64bit
  • Intel-based Mac running Mac OS X version 10.10 (Yosemite) and above

What is your refund policy?

Every edition includes a 30-day money-back guarantee, starting from when you receive your ND2 license. If you decide you're not loving it then just contact us for a no-questions-asked refund.  

This excludes the Backup DVD option, if purchased.